A Geek LEader

John Rouda interviewed Roger Nierenberg for his podcast, A Geek Leader.  They discussed The Music Paradigm, and delved into topics such as what some of the early mistakes were that led Roger to become a better leader. You can listen to the complete interview here.

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Unorthodox leadership transformation

Estie Rand recently included Roger Nierenberg and The Music Paradigm on her Business Breakthrough podcast.  Check out their conversation about his transformative and immersive leadership experience, plus the benefits of the Japanese Kaizen approach at this link.

Manage your message

Jim Karrh, published researcher and popular speaker, sat down with Roger recently to discuss the idea of Leading Your Own Orchestra.  You can catch the full Manage your Message podcast here.

Hidden entrepreneur

The Music Paradigm allows an organization’s people to sit inside an orchestra, where they can observe workforce dynamics at play.  Roger enjoyed discussing his program with Josh Cary on The Hidden Entrepreneur:  Listen in here.

INTERVIEW: Creativity Cultivator Podcast

An interesting podcast conversation with Justin Brady for his creativity Cultivator podcast.  Click here to listen.

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INTERVIEW: Transformational ENERGY Leadership

Listen in on this engaging interview with Dr. Matthew Allen Woolsey for his Transformational Energy Leadership podcast.  Click here to listen to the interview.


What orchestras can teach executives about conducting business

Corporate executives are getting a lesson in leadership and communication from the conductor’s podium thanks to the Music Paradigm, a program that trains business leaders in the fine art of teamwork. Paul Solman goes behind the scenes of a recent session. Read more…


There’s a Lesson Here; All You Have to Do Is Listen

“I couldn’t have been more skeptical. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The conductor Roger Nierenberg took his Music Paradigm, an elaborate show-and-tell executive learning class based heavily on role playing, to the Kaplan Penthouse at Lincoln Center recently for an audience of nursing directors from NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.” Read more…


Applying ‘The Music Paradigm’ to Business and Leadership

Roger Nierenberg is a conductor and the creator of “The Music Paradigm.” He joins Cheddar to explain how the leadership and team building exercise transform teams that have nothing to do with music. Read more…


‘Music Paradigm’ Teaches Better Way to Wield Baton

“What I had never thought about before is what can be learned about business leadership from the orchestra, both from the maestro’s podium and from the musicians spread across the stage.” Read more…


Experience of others can teach us much

“The other day, when I was watching “Newshour,” a TV news show on PBS, I realized that I am not alone in trying to answer the question, “What can we learn from each other?” In a segment called ‘what can orchestras teach executives about business,’ residents, doctors, surgeons, and executives from the New York-Presbyterian Hospital were paying a visit to an orchestra conducted by Roger Nierenberg.” Read more…


Innovative Musical Leadership Program to Open GIA Symposium

“The GIA International Gemological Symposium, Oct. 7-9 in Carlsbad, CA, will include the debut – for the gem and jewelry industry – of The Music Paradigm, an engaging and unforgettable learning experience that translates the unique insights of a symphony orchestra conductor into lessons on leadership and collaboration.” Read more…



In The Music Paradigm, music is used as a conduit for reaching trainees, allowing them to metaphorically address issues that may be difficult to take head on. Read more…



Conductor Roger Nierenberg discusses his Music Paradigm, in which he seats business executives within orchestras to demonstrate engaging and humorous lessons in leadership through a love of music. Read more…

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